Proposing some new terms to record the gender of artists

In one of Dagmar’s posts about indicating the number of musicians represented in pictures, she also asked a question about recording the gender of a musician. Obviously this is part of a much wider spectrum of gender issues. They are everywhere, and therefore also in Iconclass. Some can be addressed more easily than others, but they all warrant careful evaluation.

The requirement to record the gender of musicians offers a useful opportunity. Zooming out just a bit from the specific topic of recording the gender of musicians, we could start addressing the slightly more general issue of recording the gender of artists.

One of my replies to Dagmar’s questions may contain a solution to what apparently was not perceived as a problem in the early days of Iconclass usage, but which anno 2023 obviously is.

So, have a look at this post and let me know what you think. To me it seems useful if we have concepts like this:

48B3(+182) portrait, self-portrait of artist (+ female artist)

to document for example:

image image


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