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Please help

No idea what the subject matter is of the picture you are looking at? Do share it with our community of researchers and cataloguers. They may be able to help …

Missing concepts

Not every conceivable subject is already present in Iconclass. This category is for subjects that need to be added to Iconclass - or made findable. Please share the image for which you could not find a term.

Iconclass & AI

Sometimes miracles are expected from the application of Artificial Intelligence (in whatever form) to a domain. Whether those miracles will extend to the automatic interpretation of images remains to be seen.The extension of the Iconclass Browser with pattern recognition software allows you to test ideas and expectations in this field, upon which you can then comment here.

News & Announcements

This is where we announce any general News or updates.

Iconclass elsewhere

Many institutions apply Iconclass to their collection, but the experiences they offer their end users are often quite divergent. If you have comments or suggestions about these user experience, please share them here.

Iconclass translations

The concept definitions of Iconclass have been translated in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and partly in Finnish, Polish and Dutch. Translation issues are gathered in this category.

Iconclass Browser

Share your experiences with the Iconclass Illustrated Edition: comments, questions, things you like, things you don’t like.

Scope notes

The Iconclass Illustrated Editions contains thousands of examples of the use of Iconclass concepts. Why you decided to use a particular concept can work as a scope note for others, and help them on their way, or kickstart an interesting discussion.

Other systems

Henri van de Waal kept a folder entitled “other systems”. It was meant for vocabulary systems to be applied to a variety of disciplines, from geography to folk tales and iconography. The focus of this category is on alternative vocabulary systems for iconography which may be juxtaposed to or complemented and enriched by Iconclass concepts.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Iconographic stories

Please post your iconographical observations, details that struck you, or examples of the application of Iconclass you want to share with the community.

Diversity issues

Historical sources document the mentalities and ideas of the past, including those that may be considered controversial or offensive. Iconclass is an instrument to provide access to the content of those sources, so it is unavoidable that it contains controversial and offensive concepts. That does not mean that its terminology should not take into account present day sensitivities. This category aims to gather comments and suggestions for improvement of the vocabulary to reflect the increasing awareness of diversity and racism issues.