Stable Diffusion

One of the first things I did last week when Stable Diffusion was released, is to generate some images using Iconclass texts.

Very happy to see that I am not the only one thinking about that, David Newbury mentions doing the same thing on Twitter with some examples.

And then I thought:
Wouldn’t it be fun to add a “Hallucinate” button on the site, doing the same thing?

Fortunately I stopped myself from being distracted and doing so, and finished working on other more pressing things.

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I also had that idea. And while Stable Diffusion was developed with Björn Ommer and is related to our DFG-project “Bildsynthese zum kunsthistorischen Erkenntnisgewinn” there may be also an interest to develop something iconclass near. I will inform you, when we have more ideas.

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