Problem with CORSET?

Could someone explain why there are two codes for CORSET?

Browsing through the Iconclass I have found two codes for CORSET:
41D2512(CORSET) and 41D2513(CORSET).

I’m not sure why one of them - 41D2513(CORSET) - is attached to 41D2513 which stands for ‘underclothes for the lower part of the body’. I always thougt that corset is part of underclothes for the upper part of body but maybe I’m wrong…
Isn’t that a mistake by any chance?

Yes, I can explain this.
Here is a snippet from the original (printed) version of Iconclass

and here is a snippet from the accompanying volume of the Iconclass Bibliography

In all probability the original location for corset was based on the secondary literature that was used to build the classification.
Your comment is similar to the comment made by the Rijksmuseum’s costume experts several years ago. For that reason the second option for corset was added. The original option had been used in local systems, e.g. the Bildindex; hence it was decided to open a second alternative, so cataloguers have a choice.

The original Bibliography is at this moment being processed, so we can add it again to the Browser, and then start to expand and update it.

The original entries are now linked to OCLC’s WorldCat, and we are also trying to locate as many (open access) full text documents as we can.
Above is a sample, based on the original Bibliography entries for corset. These entries are linked to WorldCat, and PDF’s for the Reallexikon, Léoty and Limner have already been downloaded to our server, so they can be offered through the Browser site. At the moment we have already collected over 250 publications.
The original Bibliography contained some 20,000 sources, to which circa 60,000 references were made. An estimated 2,000 of those sources are available in full text at sites like, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, and Heidelberg university.
By linking them to the Browser, they will become accessible via the Iconclass codes that were used in the original Bibliography.

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