Prints from Kipling's Jungle Book

Dear All, in order to code six prints of the Kipling’s Jungle Book, can I use the key 82B? Thank you very much, GFD

Dear Giovanni,

Yes, that is exactly the good notation for the Jungle Book.

For example, you could do:
and also,

I wonder what Literature scholars would say though, when is an anthropomorphic literary character in 82A or 82B… Should Baloo be considered an animal or male literary character?


When using 83(…) for Jungle Book as a “specific work of literature” I would suggest adding the name of the author:
83(KIPLING, The Jungle Book)

For the characters I agree with Etienne.

You may also want to add:

29A animals acting as human beings

and if the prints you mention illustrate specific chapters
85(…) fables
might also be used, although titles of fables are notoriously flexible.

thank you, I’ll use it.