Prefigurations of the Virgin

Hi, I’m looking for the codes to classify the different Virgin prefigurations (Immaculate Conception, Virgin of Guadalupe…) and the closest I got is this:

11F15(+0) prefigurations of Mary; Mary and her prefigurations (+ variant)

I understand that that (+0) must be the key, but I can’t seem to find the numbers that go with each prefiguration. Does anyone know where to find them?

Thank you

I’m not quite sure I understand your question. Are you looking for ways to classify the Old Testament prefigurations of the Virgin in general, e.g. Eve or Bathsheba or Judith?
Or for ways to classify prefigurations of doctrines related to the Virgin such as the Immaculate Conception (e.g. the meeting at the Golden Gate or the Tree of Jesse)?

In those cases you would combine two or more concepts to express the iconography.
For example:

In this way, given the retrieval software is in place, you would be able to retrieve an object with keyword like '‘prefiguration’ ‘typology’ ‘Mary’ and ‘Immaculate

Does this help?