Papillotes or ornamental ribbons

Are there costume experts who can tell me whether these “hair ribbons” were ornamental in their own right, or functioned as “papillottes”?

In the latter case the Iconclass branch
31A531 care of the hair
could be expanded.


Since there are earrings (pearl), this should be representation mode.
Pearls plus papillotes should be too contradictory in a way: this is how I would see it.


Waltraud, thanks for your input
If I understand you correctly then, the ribbons should be considered as ornamental in their own right for reasons of decorum rather than for a ‘technical’ reason.

Would this then be the appropriate concept to tag them with:
31AA533(…) styles of hairdress (with NAME) - AA - ~ women?
31AA533(RIBBONS) styles of hairdress (RIBBONS) - AA - ~ women

Of course, that does not mean that we should not also add “papillottes” to the concept
31A531 care of the hair