Madonna del libro

Dear All,
in Umbria is very common the iconography of the Virgin and Child with a book (copied locally from a a famous Raffaello’s painting now in the Ermitage Museum). How can I code it? It seems that the “book” as an attribute of the Virgin isn’t present in iconclass, is it? Thank you so much, Giovanni


I assume you are talking about this Raphael painting

for which I would use the following:

If the retrieval software is in place (that is retrieval software at the user’s end…), this picture would be found with simple keywords like Madonna + book. There is no reason not to use multiple Iconclass concepts when tagging this picture. You do not have to (attempt to) express all aspects of this iconography with a single concept.

yes, it that.
The code you’ve indicated is relative to Maria.
Before, I tried to find it with “Madonna” or “Virgin”,
maybe this is the reason why the term’s retrieval was not successful…
I will be more careful in searching and in the use of the terms.
Thank you so much, even for the tip about the multiple iconclass’ concepts.


just a few more examples of the Madonna and child - and a book. They were not (yet) indexed with the concept of the Christ-child learning to read, but perhaps they are relevant to your research…

Giovanni Francesco Rustici (?), (first quarter 16th century)

Martin Schongauer (1470-1490)

Jan Provoost(?), ca 1510

Thank you so much, Hans, very useful.

I would share this images of some painting Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria.
The first one interesting 'cause of the insert in a big composition.
GNU, inv. 347 Eusebio da San Giorgio (1513)

and the other one,
GNU, inv. 284 Eusebio da San Giorgio (attr. 1500-1503)